Legal services for businesses and businessmen

  • Preparation of drafts of economic contracts, labor contracts
  • Preparation of drafts of foreign agreements
  • Legal support in signing contracts, agreements, and other accords
  • Preparation of constituent documents for business entities, changes to constituent documents, arranging reports of general meetings
  • Drawing up orders, official letters, answers to letters, references and other legal documents necessary for economic activities of the enterprise
  • Representation at general meetings of participants, founders, shareholders, other controls of subjects of economic activities
  • Legal support for commercial negotiations

       The advantage of outsourcing a legal task is that the lawyer is involved in business only for performance of that concrete task. Payment is carried out for performing the assignment.
       Outsourcing is convenient for enterprises that do not hire lawyers on a continuing basis. It helps to minimize expenses and to pay only for the performed work and for resolving a concrete issue. Also, it can be used by enterprises that hire lawyers for resolving difficult legal matters and for obtaining qualified legal aid in non-standard situations.

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