Labour disputes

  • Representation of interests of employers as well as employees in affairs that concern labour disputes
  • Consultations concerning the laws of employment, arrangement of projects of orders and other necessary documents
  • Arranging labour agreements / contracts
  • Creating working positions regulations
  • Liability of an employee:
                 Preparation of documents for materially responsible workers
                  (orders, instructions and so forth)
                 Explanation of the employee liability laws
                 Collecting damage caused to the enterprise by a materially responsible worker
  • Labour safety
  • Consultations and registrations of documents for bringing an employee to disciplinary responsibility
  • Appealing of bringing an employee to a disciplinary responsibility
  • Consultations concerning the laws of dismissal of employees from work, arrangement of orders and other necessary documents
  • Appealing of a wrongful dismissal of an employee from work
  • Collecting debts on wages

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