Pre-trial settlement of disputes

  • Pre-trial analysis of the case with purpose of determining judicial prospect and ways of protecting the rights and interests of the client
  • Drawing up a claim or answer to a claim
  • Representation of interests at negotiations with the purpose of settling a dispute

Representation of interests in courts

  • Preparation of separate remedial documents in civil / administrative / economic process (statements of claim, objections against the claim, explanations, appeals and cassations, and so forth)
  • Protection of property interests in courts
  • Representation in court cases of non-property character
  • Resolution of land disputes in court including, but not limiting to extensions of land leasing agreements
  • Recognition of the property rights for unfinished constructions and new constructions (reconstructed or renovated)

Execution of court rulings

       Representation of interests of a claimant during executive process with the purpose of maintaining effective and fast performance of the court ruling.

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