1. Legal advice on property
  • The division of joint ownership of real estate: Division of apartments, houses, land, division of common property
  • Allocation share of common partial ownership of real estate: the distribution of apartments, houses, allocation of
  • Legal advice on purchase / sale of real estate
  • Legal aid for purchase of apartments, investment in construction in new buildings
  • Legal advice on real estate (legal assessment of lease agreements, inspection of documents on property leased, etc.)

2. Legal advice on property disputes
  • Indemnification
  • Return debt
  • Return of deposits
  • The division of property that is in common joint ownership
  • Selection of property in kind in common partial ownership

3. Legal advice on labor disputes
  • The procedure for hiring and dismissal
  • Analysis of labor agreements / contracts
  • Liability employee
  • Health
  • The order of dismissal

4. Legal advice in family disputes
  • Divorce
  • Distribution of common joint property
  • Determination of communication with dynoyu
  • Collecting child support
  • Recovery of maintenance for a spouse
  • Disputing paternity / maternity

5. Legal advice on inheritance
  • Hereditary succession (who will receive the inheritance line of succession)
  • Inheritance by will
  • Procedures for Heritage (how to get the inheritance)
  • Time for making heritage
  • Participation of heritage
  • Ancestral contract

6. Legal advice on property rights
  • How to defend title
  • Obtaining property from another's illegal volition;
  • The recognition of property rights (what if someone on your property claims);
  • Recognition of invalid legal act that violates the right of ownership.

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